Square is for share?

November 18, 2020

Share! And find on page! And bookmark!

The “squarrow” as I like to call it, is the share icon from Apple’s SF Symbols icon font library. Aside from the share icon being not great itself (I get it, icon design is hard!), the menu that shows when you tap it does way more than share.

There are actions like ‘Copy’, ‘Print’, ‘Markup’, and the one most important to me, ‘Find on Page’.

‘Find on Page’ is a core function of browsing; CMD+F is in constant use for me when I’m on a desktop. Having to hunt for it in iOS/iPadOS and then finding it in the share menu is confusing to say the least. For a long time, I just assumed it was something I couldn’t do.


Give us another icon with a different menu containing actions that aren’t related to sharing.

An extra action icon

Or, if it were up to me, use a very distinct “find on page” look.

An extra action icon